Bright Spots – Montrose Aged Care Plus

Montrose is a residential Aged Care Plus centre in Balmain, NSW, which accommodates 44 men in single en suite rooms.  Most of our residents have mental health issues, brain damage or suffer from the effects of long term drug and alcohol abuse. Many of our residents have been homeless for much of their lives and most have no family or friends outside our centre.

Montrose provides a home that very few of them have experienced, with care from trained professionals, caring staff and medical teams that visit regularly. We are their family; as such, we do our best to make this a happy and loving place.

This centre requires staff who are committed and prepared to be part of ‘the family’.   The centre is run by a clinical manager, 24 hour RN’s, care staff, admin support and a full time chaplain. We are supported by activity officers, who take the residents on outings and to appointments: without this support, many of our men would be shut in the centre.

We endeavour to provide the residence with opportunities to engage in fulfilling activities. The men enjoy bus trips often to places they have never visited.  A resident recently created a vegetable garden, which has been a great success.

Many of our men have experienced very hard lives and often tell us that without Montrose they would be lying in the park in the cold, or would have passed away due to illness or infection by now.  We believe that the service we run allows the residents to enjoy a safe, healthy environment that is free from discrimination and judgment. We offer this service because the love of Christ compels us.


Either way, Christ’s love controls us. Since we believe that Christ died for all, we also believe that we have all died to our old life. (2 Corinthians 5:14).

  1. How can you include people in your family?
  2. How can you demonstrate love towards people that society may have forgotten about?

Prayer Points

  • That we employ the right staff to offer the support that our residents need
  • That our men feel that this is their home
  • That all our residents have to opportunity of knowing the love of God

Major Cheryl Kinder is the chaplain at Montrose in Balmain, Sydney. Along with her husband and four children, Cheryl has enjoyed appointments in both corps and social centres.  Cheryl is passionate about her residents having a safe and loving environment and, also, that they know God’s love. Cheryl enjoys catching up with family and friends, preferably over coffee, and building authentic relationships.

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