Day 99: New Year’s Reprieve – Isaiah 43:1-2, by Geoff Reid


I can’t remember my first time at the beach, but I can definitely remember moments when I’ve been dunked. The thought of being tossed about by wave after wave, not knowing which way is up, desperate to emerge so I can finally take a breath, is so horrible that it tightens my chest. When you reflect on 2016, you might be flooded with a similar sensation due to the waves you’ve also faced.

“When you go through deep waters, I will be with you.
When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown.
When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up;
 the flames will not consume you.”

Isaiah 43:2

Amongst the good times, my 2016 had its share of waves, mixed with a few tears. There were even moments where it felt like I would never catch a breath and the waves were going to get the better of me. Looking back at these moments I can see they were the times where I tried to face life on my own. In the past, my nature has been to try to face it all alone until I am exhausted and then turn to God for support, when the reality is He wants to be in the water encouraging, supporting and lifting us when our heads dip below the water.

“You quieted the raging oceans with their pounding waves and silenced the shouting of the nations.”

Psalm 65:7

If this is something you’re relating to, take heart. You don’t have to fight the waves until you’re exhausted; you’re not alone in the ocean. God loves you and wants you to know that He is there beside you. All you have to do is ask. He is the ultimate reprieve, that first breath as you finally break the surface; the one who calms the storm.

“Don’t let these waves wash away your hopes.”

‘Wooden Heart’ by Listener


  • Reflect on the ‘waves’ of 2016. How have you seen God at work?



My prayer for you is that 2017 is one of hope – one where through God’s love you find strength you didn’t know you had in you, and one where the moments between storms are filled with peace.

Geoff Reid is a dad by day and ninja by night. His secret lair is located in Newcastle and in his spare time he attends Northlakes Salvos, is a youth leader with WildFire Youth and races dragons.

  • Kevin Holland (Major)
    Posted at 08:04h, 31 December Reply

    One Hundred Days of Shared Scripture

    DAY 099: New Year’s Ever Perspective — Isaiah 43:1-2

    Eternal One: Remember who created you, O Jacob? Who shaped you, O Israel?  
    See, you have nothing to fear.
    I, who made you, will take you back. I have chosen you, named you as My own.
    When you face stormy seas I will be there with you with endurance and calm; you will not be engulfed in raging rivers.
    If it seems like you’re walking through fire with flames licking at your limbs, keep going; you won’t be burned. (The Voice)

    Father, this Scripture is amazing.

    You created and shaped us to be people.

    We weren’t like the rest of creation; brought into being with a command: You took time to fashion us to be just like you.

    Even though we have tried to redesign ourselves you have said, “I will take you back. I have chosen you, named you as my own.”

    Father, obviously you are aware of the trouble we face. Sometimes we feel engulfed by our circumstances. Occasionally the fires of opposition are so intense that we fear they will consume us.

    That doesn’t seem to worry you though. You just tell us to “Keep going, you won’t drown…you won’t be burned”.

    Father, I don’t know anyone who isn’t distracted by the evil around us. I’m not sure about my capacity to live in the power of this assurance.

    I get stressed. I experience fear. I worry, even to the point of panic. Many people around me tell me the same about themselves.

    It’s not like we don’t believe you, or worship you. We want to live in the power of the assurance of your word.

    How is it that our experience doesn’t match your promise?

    Man of God, the frailties of humanity have left you with a defective mindset that now needs to be reset.

    I understand this very well. This is why I have repeatedly told you “Fear Not!”

    I have given you my power by my Holy Spirit. I will keep you in perfect peace when you keep your mindset on me.

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