Day 98: Praying the Bible – Psalm 103, by Adele Williams


I can’t believe that another year is almost over. It feels like only yesterday we were welcoming in 2016 and in a few days it will be 2017. Where has the year gone?

As we prepare to greet a new year, it is natural to take time out to think about what we have accomplished, or not accomplished, in this past year—to reflect on the highs and lows, the good and the bad.

So what stands out for you about 2016?

In today’s Psalm we find David reminding himself of the need to remember that God has been good to him and for that God deserves his praise. Life was not always easy for David, but he knew that God was good. In verses 3–5 David reminds himself of the benefits which come from a personal relationship with God, such as forgiveness, healing, redemption and strength, to name a few. From there David goes on to remind himself how God has been good to his people, to those who fear him and obey him.

Verses 15–18 remind us that life is short—we don’t know how long it will last—but God’s love for his people is eternal and trustworthy.

God has brought us through another year. What do we have to praise and bless God for this year?

“Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.”

Psalm 103:2 (NLT)


  • Most versions translate verse 2 as ‘Forget not all his benefits’. Some people think we are ‘missing out’ on all the fun by following Christ. Have you ever felt this way?
  • Make a list of all the benefits which, according to Psalm 103, belong to those who know, fear and obey God.
  • Where have you seen God’s goodness at work in your life, your Corps, your community and The Salvation Army this year?

How to pray this Psalm—use it as a launching pad to remembering the good things God is doing in our lives, Corps and community.


Father God, as we consider the close of another year we want to take this opportunity to remember all the benefits which come from knowing You. As we look back on this year, open our eyes to see the good things You have done for us. You have blessed us immensely with Your grace, Your love, and Your mercy, and for this and all Your good gifts we praise and glorify You. Amen.

Adele Williams is the Corps Officer at Maryborough Corps, Queensland. Whilst she is an introvert who loves spending time alone, she also loves coming alongside people as they explore God’s Word and find out God’s passion and purpose for them.

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  • David Woodbury
    Posted at 08:30h, 29 December Reply

    3 He forgives all my sins
    and heals all my diseases.

    Throughout the Psalms, there is this re-occurring emphasis on hesed, usually, although not always, translated in the KJV as lovingkindess. It clearly shows the personal care of a loving father for individuals and for those who are most vulnerable (Psalm 68:5). Our human frailty and our fundamental humanity evoke within him a tender longsuffering and a readiness to forgive those who respond to him with respect and a willingness to obey. (psalm 103:13-17)

    Like many of the truths of Christian doctrine, forgiveness of sins is no more than a theological phrase, until there comes a time when it has deep personal meaning and relativity to us. Forgiveness is an amazing act of God’s grace to forget forever, and not hold those who have confessed and sought forgiveness, accountable for sins. It is the gracious act of God by which believers are put into a right relationship to God and their guilt resolved. Accepting forgiveness in all its totality is a personal experience in which we come to believe and accept what God offers. The writer of Psalms came to understand the entirety of God’s forgiveness when he writes: As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions (sins) from us. A reading of Psalm 103 will help us to understand God’s love, mercy and forgiveness.

    I believe that we are on the threshold of authentic and meaningful worship when we can fall on our knees, aware of our own sin and unworthiness, yet aware of God’s love and grace. We come, in true humility, yet come knowing we are accepted as a child of grace – forgiven, pardoned, adopted and restored to the Father’s house. Here is the true essence and basis of worship; acknowledgement of our sin and unworthiness, yet the secure acceptance and welcome through grace.

  • Kevin Holland (Major)
    Posted at 06:52h, 30 December Reply

    One Hundred Days of Shared Scripture

    DAY 098: Praying the Bible — Psalm 103

    Father, I praise you from the inner core of my being. I praise your holy name.
    I praise you as I remember all the benefits you give me.
    You forgive all my sin and heal all my diseases. You redeem my life from destruction and crown me with faithful love and compassion.

    You satisfy my mouth with goodness; and renew my youth like the eagle’s.

    You O Lord execute righteousness and justice for all the oppressed.

    I am amazed at the way in which you revealed your ways to Moses when there was so much working against him. Even though your people grumbled and complained about you, you still showed them what you could do for them.
    I am so thankful that you are compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and rich in faithful love. You will not always accuse us or be angry forever. In fact, you have not dealt with us as our sins deserve or repaid us according to our offences. The thing that really stirs your praise inside me is the fact that your love cannot be measured.

    My love for my children and grand-children is like a tiny speck compared with the compassion you have for those who fear you.

    You know what we are made of — dust.

    Our days are so short. We’re here for what seems like a vapour and then we’re gone. Gone and forgotten.

    But you are from eternity to eternity with unlimited love toward us. Even our grand-children get the benefit of your love to us. All you ask in return is that we keep covenant with you. Even when we fail to keep our side of the agreement you are always true to your promises.

    You have established your throne in Heaven, and your kingdom rules over all.

    Father we want the angels to praise you. Let them praise you in their great strength as they do your word and obey your command.
    We call on all your holy armies to praise you, Lord. This includes all your servant armies who do your will.

    All creation praises you O Lord: all your works wherever they are; in all the places where you rule.

    Father, I praise you from the inner core of my being. I praise your holy name.

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